• Chimeziem G. C Udeze, (PhD.) Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ebonyi State, Faculty of Management Sciences Department of Business Administration


workplace performance, workforce morale, Citizenship behavior, workforce participation, workplace engagement, manufacturing industry


Literature subsists, elaborating the ways the environment impact the workplace; on the other hand, there exists only a limited number of literature that has actually been able to investigate the other way round i.e. how the workplace form the environment. This should be a burning spot in the workplace ecology as workplace survival is at stake. Due to the controlling and rigid disposition of the contemporary workplace, unfair and repressive practices evolve; although there are instances where forms of democratic practices have been employed as measures in the workplace. Conversely, the argument is about the representativeness of workplace democracy and the fact that the democratic practices have a compromise on workplace performance. This article investigated workplace democracy in selected Nigerian manufacturing workplace using mixed method research design; with a view of ascertaining the forms of democratic practices obtainable and to examine the argument so mentioned. Using sample size of 130 employees from a population of 250 employees selected randomly from eight manufacturing workplaces in Nigeria, the overall results of the survey suggest in disagreement with the argument that workplace democracy has improved workplace performance. Analyzing the data with simple regression, results revealed a significant and positive correlation between workforce participation in workplace decisions and their citizenship behaviors; equality in the workplace and workforce engagement, as well as workplace transparency and workforce morale. The challenge now is how to extend the implementation of the democratic practices across, hence the study recommendations.



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