Submission, review and publication process

  1. You can submit your paper by clicking on submission and filling all the details. Papers must be submitted online. ASP do not accept email submission
  2. submission can be done by registering in our manuscript management system that enables scholars submit and monitor the status of their manuscript.
  3. Once you register with a Journal, you can always subscribe to other Journals should you want to submit to different Journals. One Account serve all our Journals ( only subscribe to other Journals)
  4. Submission should be done on individual titles (Journals)
  5. You will get a notification with your paper ID confirming your submission.
  6. All submission must be done on or before 25th of the month for current issue.
  7. Review comments will be returned to the author(s).  Authors may receive, 1) Publish Unaltered, 2) Minor revision, 3) Major revision, or 4) Rejection.
  8. Submit your final article (if required) before the deadline mentioned in the acceptance letter.
  9. Online / Printed publication would usually be done within 20 days
  10. Online Published papers appear online on the last date of the month
  11. All published papers appears on google scholar two weeks after publication