About the Journal

Advance Journal of Management, Accounting and Finance” ISSN-2663-0974 online  monthly, peer reviewed, open access Academic and Research Journal which publishes Full Length Original Research Articles, Review, Mini Reviews, Essays, Short Communications, Case Studies, editorial comments etc in all fields of  Management, Accounting and Finance. initiates and fosters discussion on issues that significantly contribute to the disciplines of accounting and finance, with emphasis on the implications of these disciplines in the ongoing globalisation process in the 21st century. The journal’s emphasis on the inter-dependencies of accounting and finance reflects the increasing complexity of corporate financial management in recent years, and verifies the importance of understanding accounting and finance from an international context.


The aim of the “Advance Journal of Management, Accounting and Finance” is to promote excellence by providing a venue for academicians, Managers, Accountants, Financial analyst, Researchers and students to publish significant empirical and conceptual findings in in all the fields of Management, Accounting and Finance


Management, Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Information systems, Accounting information management, Innovation and technology in accounting, Accounting standards and reporting, Cloud Computing Based Accounting, Blockchain Accounting, E auditing and audit firms, Big Data Analytics and internal and external auditors, cost accounting, Tax, Auditing, Accounting education, Environmental and social accounting, Accounting Public sector accounting, Corporate governance: Corporate finance, Investments, derivatives, Banking, Capital markets in emerging economies, Small/family business management, intra/entrepreneurship, Government policy on entrepreneurship, Quality management, E-management practices, General Management, Strategy, Business, Technology Management,  Human Resources Management, Crisis Management, Knowledge Management, Healthcare Management, Educational Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Financial Markets, Portfolio Theory, Asset Pricing, Financial Intermediation, Investment Banking, Behavioral Finance, Financial Instruments, Derivatives, Futures Markets, Computational Finance, Financial Engineering, Investment Policy, Agency Theory, Risk Management, Public Finance Management, Banking Systems, Financial Regulation and Policy