About the Journal

 Journal’s goal is to publish articles of high quality dealing with issues which impacts national and global economies and marketing practices and stimulate the development of economics and marketing worldwide by publishing interesting articles in a highly readable format

AJEMR welcomes empirical work from a range of research styles and sources of information including applied microeconomics, managerial economics, economic modeling, econometric and statistical analysis, case studies, field research and historical analysis, Macroeconomcis, International Economics, Econometrics, Business Economics, Growth and Development, Regional Economics, Tourism Economics, International Trade, Markets and Institutions of Emerging Markets, Public Economics and Public Policy, Financial Economics, Applied Financial Econometrics, 

Sales, Distribution Supply Chain Management, Customer Service, Internet Marketing, Business Marketing, Customer Behavior Analysis, Branding, Market Segmentation, Social Marketing, Relationship Marketing, International Marketing, Advertising Management & Sales Promotion, Retail Marketing, Emerging and Interdisciplinary Issues, E-Marketing, Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research and Techniques, Marketing Management and Strategy and other related marketing field