About the Journal

Irish Journal of Law, Political Science, and Administration (IJLPSA) is an international peer review Journal that is published by Advance scholars Publication. IJLPSA aim to promote scholarly exchange among teachers and researchers in the field of politics and law. Irish Journal of Law, Political sciences and Administration welcomes Administration welcomes research papers in Politics, International Relations, Company Law, corporate Law, Employment Law, Blue Law, Civil Law Notary, Contract Class law, Cyber Law, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, Fraud Deterrence, Industrial Design Rights, International Law, Property Law, Tax law, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Philosophy and Public Administrations, Public Policy, Organization Theory in Public Administration, Leadership Ethics in Public Administrations, Policy Analysis, Public Budgeting, and Human Resource Management, Public Management, Municipal Government, Civil society and other relates areas. Papers submitted in this journal must be original, and of a quality that would be of interest to an international readership. International Journal of Law, Political Science, and Administration is published in both online and printed versions.


Irish Journal of Law, Political Science, and Administration is published by Advance scholars Publications.

Advance Scholars Publication (ASP) is an international platform designed for researchers to publish their research. ASP Journals are run by the International Institute of Advance Scholars Development, UK.

IIASD focuses on providing high quality academic research with practical implications for business, medical and Academic practices.  Its Journals are peer- reviewed and published in Monthly and Bimonthly

Aims of IIASD

  • Provide a multidisciplinary platform for scientific publishing
  • Engage in emerging areas of scientific research
  • Provide a wide range of development opportunities for early researchers
  • Provide training opportunities designed to meet teachers’ needs
  • Provide an opportunity for international educators and researchers to meet and network on a regular basis